Sunday, April 10, 2005

Apartment Dinner

My attempt at making potstickers. My friends here at in the apartment complex has started this weekend dinner thing where each one of us picks a weekend to cook for everyone else. I volunteered for this weekend but unlike the previous dinners, I didn't make a big chunk of animal; I made potstickers and rice cakes both of which I've never made by myself before. The potsticker came out okay but the rice cakes were weird. Some of them were uncooked in the center and it tasted a bit too flour-y. I think I didn't drain them well enough. Stir fried with chicken and bean sprouts with chicken stock to cover the flour taste, it wasn't half bad. Too bad I don't have any chili sauce or it would have been so much better. And yes! I made the potstickers...well, the filling anyway and wrapped and pinched the pleats. Nothing frozen here!Posted by Hello