Wednesday, July 13, 2011

General Hospital and not the one on TV

Grandma had a stroke yesterday. It was really lucky that it was caught early. My brother was visiting Grandma that day to bring her some things. He saw that she was weak, couldn't keep her eyes open and her face on the left side was droopy and drooling. He had the nurses call an ambulance. They got her to the hospital quickly and treated her immediately. Mom says she was talking clearly that night. Grandma kept asking for fishball noodle soup. Apparently, my uncle makes it for her when she visited on the weekends. It was good to know that she was alert and hungry.

I spent most of the day with her today with my brother. She slept most of the day but she was talking and eating. She looked extra frail in that hospital bed. I know she bruises easily but those bruises left from IVs, shots and blood draws were worrisome. My aunt had my grandma's teeth, scared that the ER might lose them, so Grandma couldn't eat solid food until my aunt came back. It was sad but kinda funny. The MRI and contrast CT showed that the stroke happened on the right side of the brain. The damage is very minimal considering the area that lost blood flow during the stroke. The left side of her face still shows some facial weakness so time will tell on the actual extent of the damage.

I knew this year didn't involve enough crap yet.