Monday, April 25, 2011

Finding the answer

I say I'm frustrated at work but more and more I think I'm frustrated at life. Work just happens to be a part of life. I have more work than I have time in the day. But I can't really complain 'cause the boss goes home and does more work anyway. Granted, most of my work can't be taken home. I feel underpaid for my job. I'm sure most people feel underpaid for their job but I'm seriously making less than I used to. I can prove that. That supposed promotion didn't make me feel valued at all. I feel like no one listens to anything I say so what's the real point of my position? I'm a gopher with a veneer of credibility. Sometimes I feel like a secretary.

I'm stuck in this house under my mother's roof. She won't let me out. She needs me to help out. She's trapped me, the same way she's trapped me my entire life. I don't think I'll ever get out. There are grandiose talks of making things different but it'll never happen and never make it different. I want out and I can't.

I replaced school with work but nothing else has changed.