Friday, February 26, 2010

One Quarter

A quarter century. The mid-twenties. My twenty-fourth year was much unexpected. A number of good things happened as well as a number of unpleasant events. In reflecting on the past year, I wonder how much I might have grown. Twenty-five years ago, I just breathed life. Twenty years ago, my only concern was my Barbies. Ten years ago, I discovered the greatest friends in the world. Three years ago, I set out to make my way in the world, so to speak. Last year...well, I don't know what last year was supposed to teach me. I feel my life has stalled a little bit. WIthout a defined step like a graduation, I don't know where I'm supposed to go in life. Sure I got a job and am moving through it like I'm supposed to but what else am I supposed to do? I suppose in this time before real commitments I'm supposed to enjoy life and experience the world. If I'm to have learned anything from the past year, then it's that life is unexpected and short. Maybe, it's even time to do something crazy.