Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goodbye Dear Friend

Sleep overs, mah jong, gossip, song and trust. We used to spend so many weekends together and provide cover stories for. You were my sister. But we grew up and grew apart. We finally went to the same school and yet we grew apart. I think we both knew we were different from each other and couldn't have had the same circles but we saw something else in each other that made us friends, sisters. We left for college and all we had were words in virtual air. You were my sister and we grew apart. We finally saw each other again and everything was the same. We were still the children we once were. You were my sister and we grew apart. I'm not good with words. That was you. You were also the smart one. You were also the pretty one. You were my sister. Now I can't believe you're gone. It doesn't seem real. You were my best friend and we grew apart. I'm sorry.

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